Have you ever thought about how we came to celebrate birthdays with birthday parties in the manner we do? Every year we observe and celebrate birthdays, ours or someone else’s.  Some of us get very excited about our birthday, especially the young. After all it’s a chance to have the meal of our choice, cake and ice cream, and don’t forget the presents and money.  Some people are a little less enthused about birthdays; to them it’s just another day and another year older.  No matter what a birthday means to you, it’s a great opportunity for family and friends to gather and enjoy some great birthday food, party games, music and more.  It’s an opportunity to be congratulated on surviving another year on the planet.

ORD Party Paper Plate

Everyone can remember being young and thinking, boy I can’t wait to be old enough to drive, vote and drink, legally.  Inversely, boy I wish I was 21 again or more to the point I wish I was 21 again and know what I know now.

I believe birthdays or the anniversary of the day you were born and should be celebrated as the special occasion they are.  Birthdays are all about having fun and eating birthday cake.  What is your favorite type of birthday cake?  I really like chocolate cake with chocolate icing, although red velvet is a very close second. Traditionalists swear the only way is with vanilla cake with vanilla butter-cream icing.  Drop us a note and let us know your favorite.

The origin of birthdays and birthday celebrations has never been nailed down to one culture or period in time.  It is believed that the Ancient Romans were the first to celebrate birthdays for the everyday common man, but just men.  Christians at one time thought birthdays to be a pagan ritual.  The Germans are credited with the invention of the contemporary birthday cake.  The birthday song was actually a remix of the 1893 song “Good Morning To All” written by Patty Hill and Mildred J. Hill.Rocker Box Paper Plate

Of course some birthdays are more significant than others.  Big ones to the youngsters include “sweet 16”, 18, 21 and 30.  At 40 we hit middle age and our philosophy about birthdays may change.  Turning 50 is large for some – it was for me.  At this point depending how we age, we either embrace getting a year older or just don’t want to think about it.  When we turn 60 to 70, we think about retirement and reinventing ourselves.  Through the 80’s and 90’s we might feel blessed or even cursed depending on the circumstances.   My mother is 92 and she still is going strong; she is very blessed.

No matter how you feel about birthdays, it’s always a good idea to ponder the birthday party philosophy if not for yourself but for others who really want some birthday cake.

ORD Reto Party

So you’re planning a birthday party for a friend or loved one, be it a spouse, child or other relative.  When planning a party there are a lot of things to consider, form food, especially the cake, party activates, favors, venue and who to invite.  Probably the biggest thing to consider is the theme of the party.   I have always been partial to retro music party theme. What goes better with a party than music?  Like this retro vinyl record themed party collection (not actual vinyl record).

All artwork by Old Rocker Dude