Hot Sauce and Marinades

Introducing a new line of hot sauce marinades. These sauces are perfect for the grill, roasting and/or used as a marinade for beef, chicken, pork, fish and seafood.  The different combinations of peppers and spices create a unique flavor of each sauce. These sauces are also great for dipping.


If you’re looking for the perfect hot sauce or marinade we have your solution. These hot sauces and marinades range in degrees of boldness, heat and flavors having just the right combination of spices to enhance the flavor of the peppers.  Choose from any one of the 5 varieties or better yet purchase one of each and experiment with your favorite meat and recipes.  Each label is customizable to include your name or company name, website address and email address which make these sauces great for promoting your business or website.


Sauces can be ordered individually or at quantity price breaks.  To order just click on the bottle.


Hot Sauce Bluegrass


aka Bluegrass Sauce, the focus of this hot sauce is the chipolte pepper, a smoked-dried jalapeno stewed in a spicy tomato abodo sauce, this sauce has an intense smoky flavor slightly sweet with a touch of citrus.  Also great as a marinade.









Hot Sauce Blues


aka Hot Blues Sauce, in Cajun country the cayenne pepper is king with its lingering heat and bold pungent flavor. This sauce is loaded with fresh garlic for a virtual gastronomic jam session.










Hot Sauce Reggae


aka Smokin’ Reggae Sauce, combined with the finest fresh ingredients nothing is more flavorful than fire roasted Habanero, this is one versatile hot sauce.  The heat will build and leave your mouth with a pleasant taste of garlic and other spices.








Hot Sauce jazz


aka Smokin’ Jazzy Sauce, made from a heapin’ mess of green jalapeno peppers, fresh lime, lemon and garlic. This all natural – no coloring or preservatives will get yer heals a jumping. If yer tired of lookin’ for a great tastin’ classic jalapeno hot sauce your search is over.








Hot Sauce Rockin


aka Rockin’ Inferno Sauce, according the Guinness Book of World Records the Habanero hold the record for the world’s hottest pepper. This hot sauce is not for sissies. Use with caution.







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